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DevOps Services

It is methodology and tool sets that help businesses to deliver applications more quickly and cost-effectively. By eliminating independent functional and administrative silos, and automating change management, configuration management and deployment processes, DevOps helps companies accelerate time-to-market, improve software quality and reduce costs. The latest continuous development, integration and delivery methodologies allow software developers to incorporate user feedback quickly and efficiently, enabling businesses to be more flexible and responsive to customer needs.

DevOps requires far more agile, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure that are built for an on-demand, much faster pace. Many businesses are turning to cloud compute, storage and networking solutions to power DevOps initiatives. Cloud services are instantly and infinitely scalable, easily programmable and more cost-effective to deploy and operate, making them ideal for DevOps.

iDClouds eliminates on-premise compute, storage and delivery cost & complexity. We can help you reduce TCO and accelerate time-to-value and IT service agility by eliminating compute & storage equipments, increasing automation and enabling pay-as-you-grow scalability.

Now, multi-cloud approach helps you to avoid lock-in and improve choice. Development and production applications can be deployed on iDClouds, that best meet their specific functional requirements and budget constraints.

XNetBIZ DevOps Offerings:

  • Deployment automation and orchestration
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • System quality automation
  • Code quality assurance
  • Environment management
  • Infrastructure provisioning

We follow a structured approach to build DevOps business applications for our clients. Our experts successfully analyze and discover your problem areas before designing a portfolio. This detailed insight of your specific business needs helps them customize scalable software applications that boost agility across your business’s lines and verticals. We provide complete support in implementing both reactive and proactive approaches. Our unique DevOps solutions and methodologies allow us to help you to stay a step-ahead of your competition and business goals.