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Hybrid Business continuety & Management solutions

Continuous availability of all data keeps business running and allows companies to maintain all operations even if critical situations or disasters appear. This is achieved with High Availability systems, which aim to provide a data storage user with the highest possible performance, reliability, availability, redundancy and efficiency by minimizing downtime periods and eliminating single points of failure.

XNetBIZ believes that it delivers the functionality needed to develop, deliver and manage a hybrid platform solutions to maintain business continuety. We automates all aspects of the application lifecycle, such as provisioning, scaling, and cleanup, by creating simple blueprints for these actions. We implement policies for unified cost visibility, billing, support & predictive analytics that optimizes IT spending. XNetBIZ believes that it delivers a truly differentiated multi platform hybrid business solution for our customers.


Ensures visibility into infrastructure and resources spending to simplify cost governance and multi-platform management.


Dive deep on infrastructure and resource savings with automated scheduling tasks, right-sizing resources and intelligent provisioning.


Ensures, easy allocation of resources & costs according to business consumption and drive governance with multi-platform infrastructure.


XNetBIZ stays on the cutting edge of threat intelligence – so you don’t have to.