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Business Network management is the process of administering, managing, and operating a dealers, affiliates, partners, employees etc. network, using a BizNetwork management system. BizNetwork uses multi-device applications to constantly collect and analyze data and push out organizational data for improving business, finance, performance, reliability, and security.

BizNetwork is a critical part of growth strategy for startups and SMBs. A properly managed business network is part of resource management and brand control. BizNetwork is more critical than CRM because of the effect that it can have across the business life-cycle. Relationships and networks are critical to the commercial success of Business.

  • Encourage & facilitate relationship development
  • Invest in knowledge & skills
  • Clients, affiliates, dealers, partners etc management
  • Optimize organizational activities across all levels
  • Follow up
  • Review & Status certifications
  • Manage quotations, invoicing, challans etc. documents
  • Focus on profitable growth
  • Streamline your business
  • Deliver excellent customer experience
  • Multiple locations management
  • Secure Data Processing & Management
  • Level based secure Data Sharing

Relationships and business network have traditionally been the commercial basis for business service providers. That is why it is remarkable how easily many SMBs and startups deal with this. Many businesses leave relationship management entirely to the partners.